Monday, November 8, 2010

Bah, I disappeared again

I haven't posted in a week because once in a while I feel really fucking boring.  Nothing interesting has happened.

I finally got my OSAP cheques after needing to renew my ID, and then OSAP thinking I was no longer a student despite having communication with my school. Blah.  So later this week I'm printing my tuition invoice and bringing it to the bank to pay.  Probably on Wednesday since I've only got two hours of class.

Finished my New Game+ in P3P today to see the lover endings.  As a huge Shinji fangirl I must say...Akihiko's was the best. I was underwhelmed by them. :/  So, Atlus, I think you should make an otome game with random-ass characters from your games.  And by random-ass characters, I mean Shinjiro and Akihiko.  Dr. Stiles and Mitsuru are fine, too.

Tomorrow's day 2/2 of the Fall Study Break.  I wish we got the full week off. :(

Also, I love how LifeSci students bitch about any writing homework.  We have a 500 word writing assignment due Thursday for Genetics.  And half the people in my tutorial are bitching that it's too much! Bitchplz, we had to write double that (at the very least!) in high school, sometimes in-class!  And this one doesn't even involve research!  It's just writing about an article the prof wants us to read.  Count your blessings.  I admit, I'm still bitter about the eight page Anthro essay last year where one of my sources started to say (around page 300, so I'd already invested some time into it) that all anthropologists are going to burn in hell for disturbing human remains. WTF book, you made so much sense until then.  

Hell, it'll take my longer to write citations for a two-page essay than it will to write it.  But that's just because every fucking prof uses a different citation style and I never get the chance to get used to any of them.

Monday, November 1, 2010

D: x 10000

So I have an exam this afternoon and I was so caught up in studying for it that I forgot I have another exam tomorrow evening.  And I have a lab immediately before that exam.  Guess who will not be sleeping tonight? D: