Monday, October 25, 2010


I have no exams or assignments due this week.  I am free. It's a nice feeling.  I also have no Genetics lecture this week.  Prof has a conference to go to.  Why am I happy about missing that class?  It's a two hour lecture with the most uncomfortable chairs on campus.

I got my mark for the first midterm I did this year: 80%.  I am quite happy with that, considering I'd been slacking a little in that class.   I've been checking Portal like a madwoman for my other marks.

I've been playing Project DIVA 2nd since yesterday.  I like it more than the first PD.  Better songs and costumes, and it's easier to unlock costumes.  My only issue is that some songs are the same as PD and I still try to enter the key sequence from the previous game. --;  I've been putting off finishing Roxas's Ven's route in BBS, since I don't want to see the bad end a third time.  That and I'm at Neverland, and I've always hated Peter Pan.

I got a lot of money for my birthday.  I was not expecting that.  I'm not too sure what to do with it.  I think I'm going to save some of it for a 3DS, get more sweaters, and buy figures with the rest.

I do need sweaters, though.  It's getting cold and my clothes keep disappearing.  I blame my mother, since they usually turn up in her closet and by that point, they've been stretched a bit so I can't really wear them out anymore.  I've got to go return a shirt at Forever 21 this week, so I'll buy some sweaters then.  My pants and skirts don't go missing since they don't fit my mother at all.  Just my shirts.

I get my new glasses next week.  Since I can't see shit with my current glasses (there's about two diopters difference between the old and new prescriptions), I'm very happy about that.  I still need to order new contacts, though.

My Persona 3 Gekkoukan patch came in the mail last week.  It's gorgeous.  I want to commission the same person to do the patch for my Miku costume, but I'll need to vector that first since the reference image is shitty.  I'm having issues with that because my image software is being a brat and failing if I try to crop images or use vectors.  Time to acquire some new software.


  1. Midterms have been crazy for me too :o

  2. I love getting new glasses. Every time i'm like, "OMG!! I CAN SEE!!"

  3. Little bit Jealous regarding Project Diva ;___; Do want so bad.

  4. I love Project Diva! Its a very fun game to sit around and play.

  5. I've never played Project Diva!

  6. Good job on your midterm :)
    I downloaded Project DIVA 2nd for my PSP but it never works... so sad...

  7. Well done on your midterm! :D

    I could do with more sweaters myself. I'm always borrowing my boyfriends >_>

  8. Well done on your midterm!! 80% is pretty darn good!