Thursday, October 21, 2010

Midterm Hell

Hey guys, I read all your blog updates, but I didn't really have time to comment.  Tomorrow's midterm is number four of four midterms in less than two weeks. It's also half the length of all my other midterms but has over two times the amount of questions. ;_; They'd best be easy questions.  I'm also up to 17 pages of summary notes.  This is supposed to be the "easy" elective!  I was able to summarize everything else into less than ten pages.  I have four more chapters to summarize, but can't do them now because the course website isn't loading properly.

I've been skipping lectures all week to get my studying done.  I've only been going to my mandatory classes.  It's paid off, though.  I didn't have trouble with the last three exams.

Someone from UTAMA (my uni's anime club) is doing a circle lens group order.  Going to get two pairs for my upcoming cosplays.  I'm going to get a red pair and a blue pair. I'm not giving her my order until later on tonight, though.  I have an optometrist appointment this afternoon, so I'll get my updated prescription.

I'm very happy about going to optometrist.  My glasses are a few years old, and I can only see a few feet ahead with them.  My eyes like to stay stable for a few years, then suddenly become much worse. D:   My contacts are more recent, so I've been wearing those more often.  I need to stop soon, though.  They're uncomfortable in cold weather. I want to see if I can get prescription lab goggles.  My current goggles are so uncomfortable to wear over glasses.  No contacts in the lab*, so I can't wear those underneath.

*The polymers that the contacts are made of can react with chemical vapours in the air and melt onto your eye, blinding you.

I'm kind of disappointed that we didn't have to watch the ridiculous UofT lab safety video this year.  It's wonderful--giant fireballs, vats of bleach jumping onto unsuspecting students, etc.


  1. Good luck on the rest of your midterms! That's rough D:

  2. I always hated having to wear glasses in lab. Good luck with the midterms!

  3. eh, I would order, but I don't know shit about my eyes because I have 20/20. FEEL JEALOUS NOW. Dont want to just get the standards because they could mess with my eyes.

    Also, have fun with you last midterm. Good luck!

  4. I want circle lenses real bad. Also, make those test your b*tches! :D

  5. C--Contacts can do that?
    Gahh-- I've learned something new.
    I knew it was important to wear goggles around any type of chemicals like that-- but I--I didn't know it could melt to your eye-- That's-- fffff--