Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lol exams

I think we all know by now that when I disappear it's because I've been taken in by exams, yes?  I had three midterms (bio, chem, and genetics), a short essay (philosophy) and two labs (bio and chem) in the past week.  Fun.  It's now reading week, so I fully intend to sleep all week.  On Monday I actually fell asleep in the hallway while I was waiting for my genetics tutorial to start. :/

Today's exam was genetics.  That course is easy as fuck.  We are doing Punnett squares.  That's how easy it is.   Hello, GPA-booster.

In contrast, we dissected fruit fly ovaries in the Bio lab yesterday.  Do you know how hard it is to tear a fruit fly in half when your tweezers don't touch closely enough to grip it?  After forty minutes, we (the four of us at our lab bench) only had six sets of ovaries extracted. We kept tearing the heads off instead of tearing the abdomen apart.  The dissecting microscope made it harder because it offered no depth perception and you couldn't focus on both tweezers and the fruit fly at the same time.

I'd been holding off on getting my hair cut because it was too expensive.  (My hair was ass-length, so I was going to be hit hard with the "long hair" surcharges--most of the places I called quoted me at around $100.)  It's been really windy around here lately, so my hair's been tangling horribly every time I so much as think of going outside.  It's been a pain to tie it up whenever I'm studying.  So last night, I chopped it to my shoulders.   I mean that literally. I went in the washroom, grabbed the scissors and started cutting.

I've cut plenty of wigs, so it's not like I had no idea what I was doing.  It came out nicely and only took about fifteen to twenty minutes.  Last time I had a professional haircut, it took two and a half hours and I ended up with a soccer mom bob. :/

Speaking of wigs, I cut my Franziska wig last week.  It looks good.  I ordered my FeMC wig, and I'm waiting for that to come in now.

KH:Coded has Castle Oblivion in it.  CoM was my favourite game so that makes me happy,  but after the end of BBS,  I don't want to see Castle Oblivion.


  1. whooooo GPA boosters! Sounds good that you're working hard with school :)

    >My hair was ass-length, so I was going to be hit hard with the "long hair" surcharges--most of the places I called quoted me at around $100.
    W-wait, is that true?! My hair is ass-length, and I was debating on donating it.

    But man, it's nuts how you just chopped it all off.

  2. $100 for a hair cut? That's extortion! It's like £10 where I live...

  3. Oo that's really brave of you D: I have hair about that length and it scares me to death to cut it.