Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yes, I am a KH fanbrat

I got Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded on the weekend.  So far my track record with KH games has been:
  • PS2 Kingdom Hearts - good
  • GBA Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - better
  • PS2 Kingdom Hearts II - not as fun as I and the plot was worse, but I liked the gameplay more, so it evens out
  • DS Kingdom Hearts: Whatever/2 Days - I never finished this. Boring as fuck
  • PSP Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - omg this was wonderful, best game in the series
So yeah, I was planning to skip Re:Coded because the last DS game was shit, but BBS won me back over.  They should have skipped Days and spent that time making BBS even better.

My first impression of Coded isn't great, though. A pet peeve of mine is that they use Simple and Clean for EVERY game that's not 2.  It's kind of stale.  Also, the opening FMV is all recycled animation.  Kind of boring.  Also, lol a scene from CoM (with little Sora) was dubbed over with grown Sora's voice.  Some Puberty Power going on right there.

Also, they just showed Jiminy and his journal.  It is scaled to cricket size, which I should have expected, but how did Sora & Co manage to read that?  Poor Jiminy must have had to read aloud.  No wonder his voice is hoarse.

Did Sora even have a journal entry in the games?  Seems like it would have been redundant...


  1. wtf, there are more KH games? Holy cow man. I kind of lost track after Chain of Memories.

    Nowadays I see more of Roxas (or that kid who looks like Roxas) and his crew, both in cosplay and in fanart.

  2. aw man memories! I only played the 2 console games... because my friends forced me to :/ I do think simple and clean gets way overused in general though

  3. i never got into kingdom hearts, but i do like what they've done with it.

  4. I remember posting a comment here but it didn't show up? lol

    Something about KH giving me motion sickness? Am I imagining things? @_@

  5. The first one on ps2 was one of my first ps2 games