Saturday, December 25, 2010


We had family Christmas drama.  We were doing so well, and then the fight happened at 8:30pm on the 23rd.  At least it was mostly resolved by dinner on the 24th, though.  My uncle's still not talking to my dad, but they've been fighting on-again-off-again for months so that's not too bad.

The fight was over my grandfather's Christmas present.  His kids (my father, uncle N, aunt P, and uncle T) all decided to chip in to get him a new TV.  They chose  a 47", 1080p, 120Hz TV that came with a free BluRay player.  Then on Thursday, we were going to buy it and set it up while my grandfather was asleep.  Thursday, we (me, my dad, N, and P's son S) went to buy it. N decided to bring his wife along, and she's prone to causing drama.  Basically, she kept saying the TV was too expensive (but they put in a fixed amount of money, so that shouldn't have been an issue for them) and they should get a small, crappy one for half the price.  N took her side, and he and my dad fought and no TV was bought.  N took the money envelope and left it in my grandparent's kitchen.

The rest of us were upset that Nonno would be out a present because of the fight, and both sides kept doing that passive-agressive "oh, THEY have the problem, so I'll let THEM decide" thing. So me and my uncle T decided to take the money and by the goddamn TV.  We also got him two of his favourite movies on BluRay.  The envelope only had $910, so I pitched in $140.  I said it wasn't a problem since I lived with my grandparents in high school, and Nonno still pays my cell phone bill, but my dad and aunt said it wasn't right for me to pay for what should have been from them.  I've been reimbursed $100.

My mom spent yesterday with some family friends.  She told me that three of their kids are dating now, and my response was "What? Aren't they twelve?" No, they're 14-16 now.  I remember their mothers' pregnancies and helping their grandmother take care of them when they were tiny. I feel old now.  Old and ronery.  Those kids' relationships are more serious than any of mine. A relationship would be nice, but I honestly don't like spending a lot of time with one person and it's rare that I find exceptions to that rule.

I need to cut my hair soon.  In the past week or so, it hit that length where it spontaneously forms giant, matted, tangled clumps. I have been brushing it constantly, but they keep re-forming.  Besides, it's really looking thin now.  I need a cut to get rid of some of the weight.


  1. I wouldn't be worried about the seriousness of 14-16 year old's relationships, if only because they are still kids~

    omgourd my hair is doing that now too, which i'm taking as a sign from a higher power that my long hair needs to go, lol

  2. Ugh i hate it when grown ups act like children. I would have refused the reimbursement and made them feel like jackasses for whining about it.

  3. It's awfully nice of you to pitch in for the TV and movies, even though the grown-ups were being difficult.