Sunday, December 5, 2010

I disappeared again...

I was studying for finals, but then I got sick.  So since then I've only been awake about eight hours a day, and haven't been doing much.  I watched a lot of anime, but mainly because that doesn't take effort at all.  I tried doing some summary notes to study from, but I could not spell at all.  Stupid cough syrup.

Speaking of cough syrup, I decided against buying the fever reducing kind since I rarely get fevers no matter how sick I am.  I may have had a fever seven years ago, but I never took my temperature at the time.  My last confirmed fever was about 13 years ago.  And of course, I started running a temperature about six hours after buying the normal cough syrup. :/

I've been moisturizing the shit out of my nose since I've rubbed it raw with tissues.  The skin's so dry that the cream stings. ;_;

 Today, I watched Tales of Vesperia - The First Strike.  Impressions: [some spoilers]

  1.   Why hasn't Yuri been dishonourably discharged from the Knights? He fucks everything up. Disobeys orders, picks fights with guilds, doesn't watch the dogs properly, etc.
  2.  Why does Repede like Yuri? Yuri keeps kicking him. :/
  3.  It's okay, Yuri. I didn't get the "I'm taking the bigger one with me" line either, until one of the twins said it was sexual harassment.
  4. Until that line, I hadn't noticed and was trying figure out how to tell the twins apart. 
  5.  Rita. Why are you wearing the same clothes as in the game? You're a kid, you should have outgrown them in the years between the OVA and the game. Why did you not flip your shit when they suggested destroying a blastia? Considering how much you hated Judith for it, that's really out of character.
  6. Yay, a cheagle in Vesperia that's not a creepy Gentle Mieu.
  7. Flynn's flashbacks are in the blue sketchy style from the game credits.  I like this. 
  8.  Raven, why the fuck are you spying on some random-ass low-rank knight? Put on your armour and he'll happily tell you everything.
  9.  Why is Yuri's hair longer when it's in a ponytail?
  10. Okay, Repede's getting ugly-cute now.
  11. You have two options:  take blastia which will explode, with enough force to maim or kill the person wearing it, due to the high concentration of aer; or not take blastia, which will result in lower morale.  Let's take blastia!  
  12. Rita gave you a formula to prevent the aer from fucking with your blastia. Use it. 
  14.  This is too long for me to watch in one sitting.  I need to take some painkillers and cough syrup. 
  15. Oh, he remembered to use Rita's formula seals.
  16. Yes, wave your weapons in irritation while standing close to one another.  I see nothing that could possibly go wrong.
  17. Yes, let's just have everyone walk into the prehensile, malevolent, aer-filled water. 
  18. Why do abandoned castles never have abandoned furniture?
  19. Oh, Flynn, you're pretty strong.  You can carry a full-grown man while both of you are wearing armour. 
  20. One of the twins can hold her own against Yuri in a one-on-one sparring match. So why is she useless in the field?
  21. Lol, conspicuous CGI golem.
  22. In the game: Knights are useless, Guilds do everything.  In the OVA: Guilds are useless, Knights do everything.
  23.  I take back my praise of Flynn.  Oh, unimportant brown-haired knight, you're pretty strong.  You can throw  a full-grown man about three stories high while both of you are wearing armour.
  24. Yuri, you like falling off of edges, don't you? :/ 
  25. Yuri was more upset about the dog's death than his Captain's.
  26. Moe Flynn tears.
  27. Kill the evil blond guy, killkillkill.
  28. Oh, yay.  Baby Yuri's first killing as a vigilante. No wonder Flynn knew he was behind all of the other mysterious deaths. 


  1. Lol I watched the first strike OVA about a month ago right after finishing the game. I thought it was pretty neat, besides some lazy production and writing. That said, I loved the sketchy flashback style :D Also, I thought Rita was terribly cute in the OVA, and it made me realize much of my distaste for her in the game stemmed from her english VA.

  2. Never ehard of it, but maybe ill check it out :)

  3. Aaaw hope you get better soon ):

  4. I would blame the cough syrup too if I were in the same boat. Hope you feel better soon!