Sunday, December 26, 2010

I like phone charms

I am sick again!  I think it's still the cold from a few weeks ago, since I never fully recovered (I've had no appetite--seriously, I've lost five pounds--and have been waking up completely congested with my nose bleeding since I had that cold).  I'm blaming the stress from exams and Christmas for weakening my immune system.  I'm pretty tired today, but that's probably because I've forgotten to take my iron for the past two days. Lolanemia.

I was looking at Boxing Day sales yesterday and today, but none of the deals were really that great.  Actually, no, the deals on Slim 360s and DSis were good, but I already have a normal 360 and slim DS.  No point in buying a DSi since the 3DS is about to be released. Which is obviously why they're all on sale, etc.  My mom gave me a $150 gift certificate to a nearby mall for Christmas, and I'm going to use it for a 3DS since that mall's gift certificates are weird and must be redeemed at once. I might use it at the Coach store if they come out with nice spring purses.  Most of their fall/winter stuff was pretty ugly.  I wish that mall was like every other place where you can carry over unused credit, but no, that's just too practical or something.

I ended up going to the anime store since their sale on manga and accessories was pretty good.  I got a set of five EVA phone charms (Rei, Rei, Rei, Asuka, and Unit 01) for $10.  I also got five volumes of Maria Holic and a Macross F keychain with five character charms (Sheryl, Sheryl, Ranka, Klan, and Alto).  I plan on pulling the charms off the keychain and adding them to the EVA phone charms.  Some will go on my phone, some will go on my mp3 player.

It took me two hours to read one volume of Maria Holic.  Fuck you cold, I'm taking a nap.


  1. awww I hope you feel better soon~~~ omgsh I'm so excited for the 3DS though I probably won't get it until there are at least 3-4 games I reallllyyy want to play.

    i love phone charms! take pics soon?

  2. Ugh I need a new Xbox, but the deals aren't good enough for my shallow little purse -_-

  3. Feel better soon!

    I've never heard of Boxing Day before @_@ Is that another Black Friday sort of thing?

  4. Sucks being sick :( Hope you get better soon!

    Boxing Day sales for the most part were a sham >:( I did manage to buy a couple of DVDs with the gift card I got for Christmas though.

    I might do the same as Carousellian and wait for a few good 3DS game releases before buying it.