Saturday, December 11, 2010

More exam ranting

So to practice for my Biochem exam, I did last year's exam.  All the structures in the questions? Lewis diagrams.  Lewis diagrams of large organic molecules.  I'm crying right now.  Lewis structures all look the same. ;_; Also, we have a few questions where we have to discuss the nutritive values of certain foods.  When did this become a nutrition exam?  I didn't do horribly on the past exam, but I could stand to study more.  At least I know what to focus more on, now that I know the types of questions this prof asks. We have four profs in this course, so the midterms weren't written by the same profs (midterm one was written by Prof One, midterm two by Profs One and Two), and the final will be written by Three and Four, but mostly Four (I think Three only has like eight questions out of the sixty).

Someone in my Physio class posted their study notes to one of the course forums.   They're wonderful.  Diagrams are integrated nicely, there are tons of extra bits of information. I think I'm going to use them instead of my notes. --;

I actually went to the mailbox to get the mail today, since I found out that no one's been in a week.  My Persona 3 FeMC headphones came in.  They're a pair of $5 Sony knockoffs from eBay, nothing special.  I was surprised by the colour.  I was expecting a bright apple-red, but they're a deeper ruby red.  Really pretty.  The sound quality's good for a $5 pair of headphones, but I wasn't expecting much from a pair of $5 headphones.  I'm probably not going to use them, though, since I prefer earbuds.  And the 'arm' piece on these would catch my cartilage piercing if I take them off too quickly.  I can't wait 'til the break so that I can actually get to sewing progress on my cosplays.

I found out that Starry Sky~in spring~ had been translated, so I played that for a bit during study breaks.  I've cleared Suzuya's route so far.  Working on Yoh now.  Yoh's boring. I should have gone for Kanata this time.  The uniforms are gorgeous, but Suzuya's belt buckle confuses me.


  1. I've heard of Starry Sky~ a lot, it seems pretty popular! Nice buy with the headphones, they sound really awesome :)

  2. Okay the one course with the four profs seems like such a clusterfuck. Good luck D:

  3. Admittedly, I never used to study in school. Even in college I only managed to do it once half-assedly.

    Glad to hear you didn't do too badly on your other exam. You've got the fighting spirit to do well, lol.