Monday, December 20, 2010

I hate waiting.

Today's exam is from 7-9 pm.  It is in a gym building, which means we will be waiting outside until we're allowed in to write.  Waiting outside, at night, in a windy area (campus is near the lake), in winter.  Oh so much fun.  This is like a repeat of last year's Anthro midterm*.

To be honest, I'm more bothered by the 7pm thing.  I want to get this over with.  I don't want it hanging above me all day.  I don't even need all day to study.  This is Genetics, the easiest class.  Hell, the second half of the course (which is all we're being tested on as the exam's not cumulative) was a repeat of high school philosophy for the most part.  Half the exam is tutorial material, which was all pretty straightforward. Then again, the Human Bio office is a group of slackers and we haven't had our tutorial quizzes returned.  Those would be nice to study from.

My feelings about the Physio exam:  Prof 1 is an asshole. We've got lecture recordings to prove that you told us we didn't need to know the topic and it would not be on the exam.  Then you had multiple questions about it on the exam.  (This happened for a few topics, actually...)  At least they mark them quickly, and we have a different prof for the next half of the course.  This is my GPA-killing course.  Again, not because it's difficult, but because Prof 1 likes using cheap tricks on tests.

*Last year's Anthro midterms were screwed up in general. Midterm 2 was held after the final class, but before the final exam. I don't get it. Midterm 1 was held in the lecture hall for the class.  This lecture hall was originally meant for graduation ceremonies only, but as classes got larger they started holding lectures there.  This means there are no writing surfaces.  We bring clipboards to write on.  I pay thousands of dollars in tuition to write on a goddamn clipboard.

They had an army of TAs to ensure everyone was spaced apart properly and no one had any papers or markings on their clipboards.  Half of the class was to write from 6-7pm, the other half from 7-8pm.  I was in the second half, so I got to the location at about a quarter to seven.  We had to wait outside the building.  It was snowing a bit more heavily than usual.

Because this exam was a logistic clusterfuck, the second half didn't even ENTER THE BUILDING until 8:30pm.  They didn't tell us they were running behind. We just waited in the cold, all huddled together.  Someone did come out at around 7:30, but just to tell us we were waiting at the wrong door.

By the time we did get in, we all had numb hands and had to waste 15 mins of exam time defrosting enough to manipulate a pencil.

EDIT:  My Puffy 3tone blue lenses are in!  I'm organizing a time for a facetrade with the seller now.  I can't wait to see how they look!  I'll post pictures as a review once I have them.


  1. More exams?! Aaaah good luck, it all sounds really tough, especially waiting outside ):

  2. The clipboard thing is so fucked up :/ Also, the army of TAs thing made me laugh...all the TAs in my school are grim reapers xD

  3. :[ That really sucks that you have to wait outside in the cold/wind. They don't have somewhere for you to sit and wait inside?
    I feel you about waiting around all day to take the exam. Rather get it over with than worry all day.

  4. I hate when exams are like that :/ Also thats pretty extreme to space everyone out and stuff. I guess my school suffers from such crowding, we all sit in a standard auditorium and everyone is literally elbow to elbow = w=

  5. exams are a thing of the past for me. good luck with it!