Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Yuri figure and Aigis figma came in over the weekend.  I got hit by customs for the first time.  They charged me $15 in tax, and $13 as a "handling fee".  So I paid customs $13 to charge me.  IT'S OKAY, CUSTOMS.  I'M TOTALLY COOL WITH THAT. >:(  I'm guessing AmiAmi's giant box drew their attention.

Seriously, the box was fucking huge. And over half empty.  Get more box sizes, AmiAmi.

Anyways, Yuri is gorgeous. My only problem is that the base is just molded plastic and I like solid bases, but the plastic is thick, so it's not cheap and flimsy like the bases for P3's protag and Akihiko.  The paint job on the clothing is gorgeous. The hair sculpt is gorgeous.  It was worth the money.  The figure's got a nice weight to it, too.  The sword's blade sparkles (I swear, it looks better than it sounds) and the black part of the scabbard is shiner and looks lacquered.  Anyways, it's an Alter figure, of course it's good.  The light parts of his shirt are raised, too.  I was just expecting them to be painted on.

My Aigis figma is unique.  There's a drop of black paint under one of her eyes on the neutral face, so she has a mole, I guess.  I am impressed with the sculpt.  Beneath those flared gold things on her hips, there are folds of what I'm assuming would be some sort of rubber or canvas covering her leg mechanism.  I was expecting that area to be flat. I want to file her neck down, though.  She's a short haired figma, but her neck is long enough to restrict the joint's movement.  I was impressed with the detail of the paint job, though.  I was expecting it to be like the Miku figma, where some details weren't included.  I never noticed how long Aigis' shins are, though.  Damn, she has short thighs and long shins...

I lost one of my earrings at school yesterday.  It probably came off when I took off my scarf.  They were just from F21, so it's not like they were valuable, they were just really cute.  They were long, with chains and keys. Since they were my favourite pair, the remaining earring is now becoming a cell phone charm.


  1. aughhh I have to wait a whole month to get my Yuri fig because it was shipped to a diff location. CRY MOAR RIGHT I'm glad he's gorgeous

  2. how much total was the item? 13 custom seems like a lot

  3. Aww dude, customs D:

    It's too bad you lost your earring, it sounds cute!

  4. It's always nice to see some unexpected detail. And customs needs to be checking some REAL contraband, instead of things like figma -_-U

  5. Customs are getting wild with those prices there, it seems. Nice blog! Following :)