Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not much

I have officially dropped Physio for this term.  I'll be taking it in summer.  I've heard the summer course is much easier since Professor Monotone doesn't teach in it.  People are still BAWWing about the midterm and that prof in the school forums.  I don't mind taking the summer course.  Last summer, I turned into a hermit when I wasn't working.

I mainly blame a lot of closing shifts for that, though.  Coming home at 2-3am messed up my sleep cycle.

I placed my first TaoBao order last night.  One of the Fantasic Dolly replicas from DoL, a wig and two sets of fake lashes from Fantasy Sheep, and two pairs of shoes from Kiss Shoes.  I placed the first payment today.

The replica will be my first lolita item.  I'm still not sure if I want to build a lolita wardrobe or not.  The wig is for casual wear, since I'm getting bad hair insecurity again.  I have AGA, so I start freaking out when my hair looks thinner than normal.  One pair of shoes is actually a pair of boots for cosplay, but I intend to wear them with normal clothes, too.


  1. ooh good luck! I'm thinking of taking summer classes as well.

    Also, hooray for taobao! Hope to see pics

  2. Sounds like you got a lot of your place.. you gotta relax sometimes ;)

  3. Good choice, good choice.
    Your order sounds awesome! Fantastic Dolly is a really cute print. Hope it comes in soon :)

  4. do you normally do wigs for casual wear?

  5. mmmm the fantasic dolly replicas are tempting me so much x_x

  6. I agree with Joel! You always sound so busy. Hope you can find some time to relax more ;)

    You should post pics of your Fantastic Dolly replica and let us know how it turns out :)