Saturday, January 15, 2011


I like this term.  I have Fridays and alternate Wednesdays off.  The Wednesdays that I do go to school and all Tuesdays are half days.

I went to my mom's office on Thursday since I had a two hour break between classes and her office is about five minutes away.  One of her coworkers has a chihuahua puppy that's not yet old enough to stay home alone.  I like being able to play with a puppy between classes.  She's so cute.

We had a safety orientation for Chem on Thursday morning.  We used the same damn lab last year.  We know where to dispose of our chemicals and where the fire extinguishers are.  I did not want to wake up early for that.  When we were watching the safety video, out TA started giggling at one of the pictures of an explosion.  When we looked at him, he whispered "That was two floors up, over the Christmas break!"


  1. Welp, TAs need to relax somehow. >.>

  2. Your TA sounds pretty cool, a few of mine a bit are pretentious and kind of douchey :I though I had a good number of awesome ones too!

    Being able to play with a puppy between classes sounds so damn awesome <3

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  4. I only work 3 days a week and it's pretty sweet so I can relate to the extra days off XD

    It's pretty awesome that your mum's coworker is allowed to bring a puppy to work!